Why Do My Nails Hurt When I Do Nail Art With a Curing Lamp?

by LiCoscelia

When we do nail art, we may encounter this problem, when we apply the nail polish and go to the lamp will feel the fingers or nail surface hot and painful. What is the reason for this?


Common Reasons:

  1. Apply too much nail polish at once. When the light is shining, the nail polish is curing and shaping and will absorb a certain amount of heat. Nail polish coated with more heat absorbed more will make the hands have a burning sensation;
  2. Nail polish in contact with the skin;
  3. For nails that are too thin, the heat absorbed by the nail polish will make it easier for the fingers to have a burning sensation and pain;
  4. The skin is too sensitive and reacts to the ultraviolet rays emitted by UV.


  1. If the fingers feel pain when shining the light, take out and dissipate the heat immediately, and shine the light again after a while. At the same time, when applying nail polish, apply a thin layer, shine dry, and then on a thin layer of the next layer. So that an infertile coating of two or three layers can be, this makes the nail keep longer. But also more flat.


  1. Watch out for nail polish sticking to your skin when getting a manicure. Before curing the lamp, you can clean the nail polish with alcohol or cleaner. If the nail polish has dried on your skin, you can rinse it off with water because it will not bond to your skin.


  1. If your nails are naturally thin, you may also experience pain with the light. At this time, you can remind the nail technician to gently polish the nail surface, and you can put on a layer of reinforcing gel to thicken the surface of the nail, which can reduce the pain caused by the light to a certain extent, but also prevent the back of the nails is too soft and made out of the nails are too brittle. In addition, when we polish the nail surface at home, we should also be gentle to prevent damage to the nails.
  1. If the pain is caused by an allergy, the pain must be relieved promptly. It is necessary to use symptomatic medication, such as applying topical ointment with a calming and soothing effect or taking anti-allergy drugs. If it is more serious, you must consult a doctor in time. Meanwhile, in the future, use LED lights to dry your nails, not ultraviolet lights. But at this point, we should note that not all nail polish can be dried by LED lamps. We have to pay attention to the instructions in them when shopping for nail products.


In addition to the above reasons, other factors can also irritate, such as the use of poor-quality photo finish gels or containing too many irritating ingredients that cause repeated irritation to the nail surface. That's why we need to buy non-irritating nail products.


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