How to Make Nail Art Last Longer

by LiCoscelia

After three or four days, your hard-earned manicure will be incomplete, missing a piece in the east and a piece in the west, and you can only remove it with regret. Is it so hard to maintain your DIY nails? Don't be discouraged, in fact, we may just ignore some small details. Do the following 4 points, you are not far from the level of nail artist.

  • Use sanding strips to polish the nail surface

Don't rush the first step of every manicure. It's hard to get nail polish to stick to a smooth surface. It will only look good at the time, but in reality, it will fall off very easily. This time you need to use the sand bar this tool, with it to sand nails after the base glue and nails can be very good together, keep the natural time is also long.

However, it is worth noting that you should not use too much force when grinding your nails with sanding strips. Go a little lighter to avoid too much wear and tear on your nails, which can make them thinner and thinner! In addition, you can also use the sand bar to grind off some stubborn nail polish when removing nails.

  • Wrap the edge before brushing the glue
Wrapping the edges is very important. A lot of times the nail varnish comes off from the edges. But the question is, what is the right way to wrap the edges?

Often times, we paint the surface of the nail and then wrap the edges. This is in fact a certain degree of difficulty, accidentally make the front of the nails obviously much thicker, not to mention the appearance of unsightly, the key so that the nail lamp is still difficult to dry, naturally easy to fall off. So the next time you paint nail polish, you can try to wrap the edge first, in the edge of the nail gently sealed layer, and then go to brush glue, the whole will be more proportional, but also not easy to fall off!

  • Don't brush too many layers of nail polish

Many people in the paint nail polish will feel to brush once the colour is not too even, and then continue to brush the second and third time ...... painted to the end of the super thick "a big piece" of nail polish. This way not only does not look good, but also easy to wrinkle baked not dry.


The correct way is to apply a maximum of 2 layers, and wait until the first layer is completely dry before applying the second layer. If you feel that the result is uneven, the problem is not that you are applying too little, but that you should pay attention to the back side of the scraper and the brush head, leaving only a small amount of nail polish on the front side, and applying the brush head at 45° to the nail!

  • Born with thin nails

Some people are born with thin and soft nails, this kind of nails do nail will be easier to fall off. This situation can be remedied, usually pay attention to supplement some of the good nutrition for the nails, such as food containing vitamin B and amino acids, such as green vegetables, eggs, fish are good choices, adhere to the daily intake of words to make the nails more and more healthy, you can do a beautiful manicure.

After reading these points, why don't you learn to do so from next time? Hope you can have beautiful nails this Christmas!


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