What kind of nail design should we DIY for winter ?

by LiCoscelia

Christmas is coming, and the winter is getting colder and colder, but it can’t stop our pursuit of beauty. So, what kind of nail design should we DIY for winter ? Let’s take a look at these five popular styles:




1、Faux Fur Nail Design

Winter is the season to wear fur coats, reminber to decorate your nail with a faux ful gel to match your beautiful coat . Coscelia faux fur nail gel perfectly meets this demand, whether it is simple pure color or added other shapes design , both are perfect to matching. Don't miss it !




2、Velvet Flocking Nail Design

Why ? Yes, It’s also ideal to match your winter clothes , different from faux fur nail, velvet flocking nail is suitable for all kind of winter coats, because it has a three-dimensional effect, and looks like a warm feeling. Put fluff on your nails, it’s a eye-catching design.



3、Thermal Nail Design

As the surrounding temperature changes, your nails will automatically change color, Isn't it cool ?  coscelia temperature-changing nail gel helps you to achieve the effect of carrying the chameleon with you!



4、Neon Nail Design

Snow is the elf of winter, crystal and sparkling in the sun, want to put this elf on your nail ? Yes, coscelia neon pigment glitter nail gel help you realize the flow of colored snow to your fingertips.



5、Matte Nail Design

Some nails looks like ordinary, but the effect after applying on the fingers is really surprising. Matte nail has just this wonderful experience and feel. Because the color is darker, it is suitable for a wider range of people. Whether you are wearing a coat, a woolen cloth or a lace skirt, the matte nail is definitely a good choice.


Are you find the one you like best ? Don’t forget to share them with your friends,they also need gel nails that are best for winter .


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