What Exactly Does Nail Construction Mean?

by LiCoscelia

1. What is nail construction?

    When our nails have problems such as soft nails, upturned nails, uneven surfaces, etc., then we can consider nail building. This involves reinforcing with a high-hardness extension gel or high-hardness base gel, thus making a side parabolic curvature of the nail surface and achieving a flat and hard nail surface.

    2. Functions of nail construction :

    (1) To make the surface of the nail smooth;

    (2) To make weak and breakable nails stronger;

    (3) It can correct the shape of nails while shaping the curvature of the nail surface;

    (4) To make up for the defects of the nail surface and improve the bad nail shape.

    (5) Uneven application of color glue, thicker style, need to cover, can show the delicacy of nail art.

    (6) It can reduce the non-professional manicure methods on the nails or long-term manicures cause serious injury

    (7) When changing nail styles frequently and afraid of over-polishing the nails, nail construction can be done to reduce the damage.

    3. Applicable People:

      Long-term manicure leads to thinner nail surfaces;

      Softer nails, easy to break;

      Sensitive nail surface, painful when polishing;

      Nail surfaces that are relatively flat and not curved;

      People who need to straighten their nails.

      4. How long does a nail construction last?

        Nail construction can last for about a month. After having a nail construction, the nail art materials will change as the nails keep growing, and the nails can be replaced once a month of growth. Nails also need to be trimmed, so the maintenance time is usually about a month.

        5. The difference between nail construction and reinforcement:

          The nail construction is not the same as the reinforcement construction. The primer is applied before the gel polish, and the reinforcement glue is the difference between the reinforcement primer and the primer after the color glue: the fit is different. The primer makes the gel polish more suitable for the nails and not easy to fall off. The seal is used on top to keep the nails shiny and new and also makes the nails more durable. It can be replaced with reinforcing glue. Because the reinforcing glue and the primer also play a role in reinforcing the primer, the primer has a layer of protective nail protection, which also reinforces the glue, and the reinforcing glue can also make the nail polish glue more firm, so it is feasible to use the reinforcing glue instead of the primer. When doing nail art, many people will apply a layer of reinforcing glue on top of the primer, so the function of the reinforcing glue is to fix the nail art, and it is a product that makes the nail art stronger and more durable, so the nail reinforcing glue can be used as a primer. Some people with thin nails will also use a layer of reinforcing glue when doing nail art so that the nail polish can adhere more firmly.

          Last but not least, nail construction is known to help maintain the nails. It not only protects the present nail but also promotes healthy growth of the nail bed, thus making it fuller and healthier. In addition, it can also improve the shape of the nail, making it look even better. However, it is important to note that the main function of nail construction is to shape and thicken the nails; it is not a substitute for daily nutritional care of the nails, such as the application of nutritive oils. Therefore, although nail building can have a caring effect on the nails, it needs to be combined with other proper nail care methods to truly achieve the effect of nourishing the nails.


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