Barbie | Getting Perfect Nails with Barbie-Style Manicures

by LiCoscelia

What color manicure can represents summer? With the Barbie movie, I think this summer is pink.

No1. Barbie Can Be Anything, Women Can Be Anything. This manicure is full of bright colors and exaggerated nail decoration. Maybe telling us the art has infinite possibilities, our lives also have infinite possibilities.

No2. Pink Pink Pink Day! This nail art design is all pink, which is drawing love heart and Barbie. I've never liked pink so much at the moment!

No3. Just Be Yourself. This nail art shows us that pink is power! Pink & White & Black, the collision of three colors allows us to see a vibrant girl.

At last, the real world is not perfect,crying is not weak. I hope everyone can be yourself, and I hope everyone can find your own Ken.





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