Valentine's Day Nail Art

by LiCoscelia

February brings another anticipated holiday - Valentine's Day. For many girls, Valentine's Day must represent romance, and such a special holiday is a good choice to share a candlelight dinner with your boyfriend or spend a night out with three or two friends. I believe that on such a holiday, many people are dressed up. With February 14th directly on the horizon, a holiday manicure should be scheduled in advance as well. Life may be like this, whenever we feel important and romantic we have some rituals to live up to the time.


The nude pink and black with French manicure, and gentle atmosphere reveal a hint of handsome. Mature intellectual temperament burst out. People can also choose to match small metal jewelry or gold and silver thread. All these decorations add a refreshing feeling to the nude pink color, which makes it easy to accept, and does not bring a sense of pressure to each other, and the gentle atmosphere is greatly increased. It's relatively simple, but not without beauty, and also very lovely.


This one is just a very assertive style. Sweet with a gentle touch. The pink color that represents romance caters well to the holiday vibe. But the gold color that goes with it is also very bright. The choice of metallic luster makes this manicure no longer monotonous, simple, and beautiful. Although pink, but also a cool girl.


The heart element is more common in nail art. But in such a holiday heart nail art is extra festive. Heart-shaped painted nail art will have a more playful and lovely effect. It is simple and looks very energetic. This kind of cute and charming nail art will make anyone happy. If you feel that just a color painting is a bit monotonous, you may want to try the metal jewelry of the heart, so that the fingertips add a sense of sophistication. In addition, the gloss of the metal can also make the nail look more temperament.

If you feel that the above nail art designs are missing a writing idea. Then why don't you find another way to do a sweet manicure with a chocolate feel? In such a sweet and happy holiday, chocolate candy nail art is quite suitable for the holiday theme. Who doesn't like rich chocolate? Draw it on your fingertips to add a sweet atmosphere to your date.


Star and moon nail art is also a good choice. Girls seem to be particularly fond of dreamy fairy tale things, so this star and moon nail art will be a good choice. Nude color base with sequins and metallic decorations, make this manicure look simple and expensive. The gentle shades and warm embellishments, together with the transparent texture, make a connection to fairy godmothers in fairy tales. It's a great nail design for both holiday ensembles and everyday life.

There is still some time to go before February 14th, perhaps the above nail art designs can provide you with some ideas. I hope you find your favorite nail art design for Valentine's Day so that you can make a big splash on Valentine's Day starting from your hands!


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