Travel Nail Art Recommendations

by LiCoscelia

With summer just around the corner, have you already planned your destination and itinerary for this year's vacation? While preparing your luggage, don't forget to give your nails a new look as well! A travel-friendly manicure will not only enhance your look and style but also make your travel photos more exciting!

You can choose the right colors and patterns depending on your destination and climate. For example, if you're going to the beach, you can choose refreshing colors like blue, green, and white. If you're going to the mountains, you can choose natural colors like brown, green, and purple with patterns like flowers, animals, and stars. If you are going to a concert, you can choose colors and patterns related to your favorite singer or band.

The nude color base outlines a silver pattern as if the sun is shining on the water sparkling. The pearl embellishment makes this manicure delicate and not monotonous. Part of the fingers of the classic French design to make this manicure more elegant and temperament. This manicure is a good choice for travel or street photography in a busy city.

If going to a concert or music festival then you must try this manicure. The hot atmosphere certainly calls for bright colors. Pink and metallic silver collide to show the passion and freedom of the atmosphere. Pink symbolizes the vitality of youth, while the metallic color adds a sense of freedom and individuality to this vitality. Just like what we are pursuing in the concert scene. Chains and other decorations emphasize their individuality.

If you like the y2K style, check this out. The high-saturation color combination with a nude background and the classic French manicure design expresses your personality and has a youthful charm with a touch of elegance. The right amount of white can make your nails more textured.

Seaside vacations will inevitably have blue. Nude color base with light green and blue curves, so that the nail is very designed. These two colors come with a sense of coolness, and then with gold, several colors of a deep and light collision are more artistic. The choice of a striped pattern adds a sense of spontaneous freedom of vitality.

Colorful love hearts French manicure design shows off a variety of styles very well. The shape of the love heart has a sweet feel to it, but the black color has an extra touch of personality to show. The classic French manicure gives this design a touch of elegance, while the colorful pairing gives this manicure a touch of freedom. The combination of multiple colors creates a colorful visual effect. The heart-shaped pattern adds a touch of cuteness and vitality. This French manicure can give you a bright feeling whether you are in daily life or traveling, and you can surely be the shining focus of the crowd.

Going out to play the nail how can not attract attention? Gorgeous and elegant, sweet and cool, and slick are all great styles. It is not an exaggeration to say that beautiful nails are the finishing touch in traveling! There are so many styles of nail art, you can't see them all, can you? There's always a nail art design you like! So bring your pictures and go to your nail artist. Let's have a beautiful vacation.





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