Tips to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

by LiCoscelia

Nowadays, people like to try to do their own nail art at home, but some people do a manicure and after half a month, it still glitters and is bright and colourful. And you, who also do nail art, after half a month, it may be scratched and chipped. The most important thing is that it may also be yellowed and dull, showing old and dirty. Even sometimes the manicure that has just been done doesn't look clear and shiny. Why is there such a big difference when it's the same manicure?

  • Basic manicure is indispensable

This is very crucial. A lot of people don't know why they need a basic manicure and think it's just to make their fingers more beautiful, but that's only one of the reasons. There is another main reason, and that is to polish and level the nails so that the manicure will last longer. Getting the cuticles on the edges of the nails and not letting the nail polish get on the cuticles can make the manicure a little stronger. Because often nail art falls off for this reason.

  • Reject any gaps

When applying the color, dip the brush tip of the nail polish into an appropriate amount of nail polish. Apply the tip of the nail first. This is because applying the root of the nail first will cause the tip to be too thin and thus the nail polish at the tip will come off first. Then apply from the root to the tip. Be careful not to apply on the cuticle, but also not too far away, because if the gap is too big it will be easy for water to get in and cause the nail to fall off.

  • Nail polish brush is not suitable for hard pressure

When applying nail polish, never flatten the nail polish brush and press it hard on the nail, this way it is very easy to cause the nail polish to appear uneven. The correct application method is to use the brush to gently stroke over the nail surface, and then gently wipe on the nail polish, so that the final effect is uniform and smooth.

  • Be patient when shining the lamp with nail polish

Many people, because of their lack of patience, will wiggle their fingers while shining the lamp in the hope that it will dry more evenly and quickly. This is very easy to touch the inner wall of the nail lamp resulting in uneven nail surface. In fact, if you spread your fingers apart and wait patiently, your nails will dry! You also need to make sure that you keep the lamp on for the duration of each session, so that the brush doesn't leave a mark on your nails if they are completely dry! And only if each layer is dry, the final presentation of the manicure will be wear-resistant and long-lasting. This will make the nail more perfect.

  • Don't touch the nail immediately after the lamp is finished

Just cured nail polish is still in a high temperature state, so fingertips from the nail lamp will have a need to cool down the process, need to wait for the nail to adapt to the normal temperature. If you touch it directly, it will leave traces on the sealer, which will affect the gloss and brightness of the sealer.

Did you remember these tips above? Hopefully, your manicure will also stay perfect and sparkling all the time.


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