Super Eye-catching Design---Blooming Nail Art

by LiCoscelia

Super Eye-catching Design---Blooming Nail Art ,Here is a detailed illustration, you can do it at home

Recently received comments from some customers, saying that they have received a lot of good-looking nail pictures, but they are always unable to take action to make nails for various reasons ...


emmm ... As a person who can accept all kinds of torture nails, there is not much worry, but I still want everyone to be beautiful, so here is a detailed illustration of the blooming nail, let's try it at home ~


01: If you have a blooming gel , it is pretty easy to realize this blooming nail design , just look this picture



02: If you have not the blooming gel , don’t worry, we can still do it, and this is what I want to show you in details



Prepare the required items: nail brush, nail dotting pen, color gel, bace coat, top coat, clear uv gel, mirror powder, powder puff.


And let’s begin :

1.Apply the base coat and cure

2.Apply the color gel and cure

3.Apply the second layer of color gel and cure

4.Apply the base coat, blooming with color gel directly, and then cure

5.Apply the top coat and cure

6.Draw the line with uv gel and cure

7.Wipe the line with magic mirror powder, then sweep away the excess powder

8.Apply the top coat and cure


Finish show:


This is the end of the tutorial. Hurry up to try it this week-end, you are in charge of style, color and everything!


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