Summer Vacation: Make Nail Art Part of the Journey

by LiCoscelia

How can you go on a trip without a manicure?

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NOW! Let's take a look at recommended tourist spots and nail art!

  • Torrent de Pareis

This is a beach located in Spain. It requires a 6-hour hike or a boat ride to get there, but it's definitely worth it. Pristine white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and natural surrounding landscape. How can such a view not be desirable.

And a seaside style manicure will make your beach vacation perfect. Blue & Green are good choices.These two colors can not only be used separately, but also have a fresh and transparent feeling when used together.

(Recommended Colors: A35-024-MD08A35-028-LL03

  • Florence

Florence in Italy is extremely famous as the world's capital of art, the center of European culture, and a world-famous cultural tourist attraction. You can experience the local culture and history of the area.


A simple, classic nude or light-colored manicure is a great option! It can be suitable for every occasion. It's gentle and elegant.

(Recommended Colors: A08-2004

  • Pfälzer Wald

If you want to get closer to nature, you can't miss the Pfälzer Wald. This is the largest forest in Germany. It is also the most beautiful enchanted forest in Germany. Let's go into the mountains and feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

Green manicurs are the first choice for forest tourism. The leaf pattern on the nail adds to the atmosphere of nature. It looks like it has a refreshing feeling like nature.

(Recommended Colors: A27-010

  • Cologne Cathedral

It is the largest church located in Germany, it is the second tallest in Germany and the third tallest in the world, and in terms of size, it is the largest church in northern Europe. It is regarded as the most perfect example of Gothic church architecture.

When you think of a church, you think of its colorful windows. This nail art is inspired by church windows!  It's like a colorful reflection of sunlight through the glass of a church. It's hard not to love it with its classic and stylish design.

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