Summer Glitter Nail Art

by LiCoscelia

With summer just around the corner (we can’t believe it), it’s the perfect time to update your nail art skills. It’s not just our clothes that need to sparkle this summer, it’s our nails too.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite glitter nail art ideas that we think are perfect for summer. With different glitter topcoats available this summer, you’ll find it easier to create the perfect sparkly manicure.

So, let’s get started: here’s our roundup of the glitter nail art ideas that will be popular this summer.


This manicure is very suitable for a date, and the overall pink tone is full of sweetness. This summer, our new nail art colors CS03 and QZ01 can well interpret this manicure. After the color is applied, we can stick on the nail diamonds we like to make our nails look more shiny.

This nail art mainly uses transparent nail polish as a base. It will look thinner and more transparent than solid nail polish, like crystal. In the hot summer, just one look at this transparent color can make you cool and refreshed.


Y2K manicure is still very popular, so why not combine this trend with some gorgeous elements? This manicure looks gorgeous, but it is actually very simple to make and requires almost no skills.

The nail colors we need are: LS01, CS01, CS02. Also this time we still use a transparent base, and then make the simplest French manicure on the nail. Using different colors on both hands can highlight our personality. Using the two most basic colors of black and white, a cool style is created very well. Add some colorful nail decorations to turn the simple style of nail art into the Y2K style.

You can also easily change the black and white gel polish to any color you like.


Cream yellow sequined nail art can be done with MD09 as the base. The lively and cute cream yellow is very suitable for this season. Wearing this color will make you a cream sweetheart girl. The sequins on some nails add a touch of luxury to this simple nail art, which is an eye-catching existence.

Of course, you can also choose other colors as the base. This summer we have launched 69 new colors to meet your needs for any occasion.


This manicure shines brightly, just like the stars in the night sky. Is it the starry sky that falls on the fingertips? The silver glitter spreads all over the fingers, and it is hard not to love it. This is thanks to our QZ01 gel polish. We use silver glitter nail polish and a fine nail brush to create a very moist gradient effect. We also have more other colors of glitter. If you want to create a different nail art galaxy, click in and take a look.


If you want to create a shiny nail design quickly, try our new topcoat. The shiny topcoat makes your nails perfect in one step.

Hopefully one of the nail designs we've recommended above will catch your eye. You can recreate these nail designs and give them your own twist by switching up the colors. Whatever you choose to design them, we hope you'll share your designs with us on Instagram to show everyone your unique creativity.





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