Bridal Nail Art Shades for Spring

by LiCoscelia

Bridal styling not only includes makeup and hairstyle, but bridal nails are also a very important part of the look, providing the finishing touch. Today we've picked out a few nail polish colors for you. Spring wedding nails lend themselves to fresh, classic shades, so check out these nail polishes. Read on to see the shades that will work for you from the engagement reception to the big day.



Pink is a sweet, soft color that is perfect for the romantic atmosphere of an engagement. Pink nails can be styled in light, rose, nude, soft, and feminine colors. Pink nails complement decorations with flowers, bows, and other elements that can add a romantic touch to the overall look. If there's one thing that a shiny new diamond goes best with, it has to be the perfect manicure. The pink romantic manicure echoes the sparkling diamonds, making this sweet match perfect for an engagement occasion.


Bachelorette Party



How can you have a bachelorette party without wine? Burgundy nails go perfectly with red wine. A touch of burgundy color in a party must become a bright presence. Elegant and vintage color looks more warm in spring.

Celebrate your upcoming wedding with a manicure in this color, which also goes well with your wine.


Bridal Shower





Find an afternoon to throw a party with your friends and relatives. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon while sipping champagne. I believe the color that goes best with this scene is champagne gold. Nail art in this color is gentle, elegant, and sunny. It is the perfect shade for this occasion.


Marriage Ceremony

Ready to make an entrance?A white wedding dress goes best with a pure white manicure, perfect for the wedding vibe. Pure white gives a simple, elegant look and it can be paired with a variety of wedding dress styles. At the same time, pure white nails can be echoed with jewelry, lace, and other details to create a simple but gorgeous effect. Brides usually wear white wedding dresses at weddings, so how can you go wrong with a white manicure? White is a symbol of beauty, more can set off the bride as elegant and noble.



Wedding such an important day, for their happiness, but also to make themselves the most beautiful girl in the room, wedding manicure can be said to be an extremely important part of the bride modeling, can show beautiful temperament, on the other hand, is also to show their unique taste. So don't forget to do a manicure while finalizing your wedding dress. Finally, good luck on your big day! And of course, don't forget to say "I do!"


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