Simple Nail Art Design Recommendation

by LiCoscelia

Girls like nail art, but sometimes it is not very convenient to go to the nail salon, you can choose to do it yourself. Because their style to try themselves, but also can pass the time, relaxation, especially when you are in a bad mood or irritable choose to do some nails to calm the mood to exercise their patience are very good. Today we recommend some simple nail art that you can do yourself, using materials that are easy to buy and without complicated painting. Simple and good-looking is the theme of today.


Solid color nail art is simple, fashionable and versatile, cost-effective. Pink is romantic, yellow is energetic, green is natural, blue is fresh, brown is warm, purple is mysterious, and different colors suit different styles and occasions. When choosing colors, you can try different colors and styles according to your skin color, preferences, and occasions to create a unique nail design. The key to a good solid color manicure is brushing the color evenly and being careful not to leave brush marks.

  • Nude Nail Art

Nude color manicures will not look exaggerated in color, presenting a more than natural state, so it will not have a sudden feeling. A nude color manicure is very suitable for newbies to make. Some girls may feel that nude color nail art is too low-key, there is nothing bright on the hand. We can simply decorate one or two diamonds on the nude nail art, which is not abrupt and looks exquisite. There will be a bright feeling.

The same solid color manicure, the frosted style of solid color manicure gives a different feeling.

  • Matte Nail Art

Frosted manicure also belongs to the low-key simple paragraph, without the complex pattern and pattern, low-key matte texture, although it reduces the original luster and color saturation, but will not reduce its senior sense. It's this kind of low, gray, and hazy feeling that is preferred.

  • Mirror Nail Art


Apart from a simple matte manicure, we can also try a mirror manicure. It has a nice style and is easy to make. Just need the most basic nail art tools and a small box of magic mirror powder to finish it. There is no technical requirement.

Mirror manicure, full of lightness, refracted bright light full of heavy metal harsh texture. It has a high-level and characteristic texture, so it is loved by more girls, and made into the simplest solid color manicure, it is also very beautiful, and it is heartwarming to look at it.

  • Jumping Colors Nail Art

I bet, have done nail beauty girls have tried to jump color nails, daily and durable, let a person is hard not to love! Jump color manicure breaks the unity of the harmony, a variety of color matching to create a different fashion. The soul of this kind of manicure is the matching of the color, the color as long as you choose the right one, can also be more advanced than the complex style good-looking! And different color combinations can bring out different styles.

All these nail art are very simple, if you are interested in nail art, you can prepare a set of nail art tools by yourself and try it at home by yourself. Doing your DIY nail art will be more fun to create and save money at the same time. Nail art is not so difficult, after all, practice makes perfect, and with more practice, you will be able to do it yourself.





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