Recommended Double French Nail Art Designs

by LiCoscelia

As an entry-level manicure style, the simple and versatile French manicure has conquered many people.  Many people love its classic and simple look, especially those who don't have perfect nails.  French manicure is a great way to decorate your fingertips.  If a French manicure reveals an elegant temperament, then a double French manicure looks more casual and fashionable.

This summer, if you want a different style, try a double French manicure. The so-called double-layer French manicure is to add another layer to the French manicure.


The two lines can be connected or separated. We can choose the same color series for a double French manicure, or we can choose contrasting colors.

There are many variations of the double French manicure. Whether it is a reverse French manicure or an oblique French manicure, it can be made double-layered. You can do more than two layers if you want. The advantage of this is that when our nails grow out, after cutting off one layer of French manicure, there will still be another layer. For the price of one manicure, I got two French manicures.


When it comes to choosing nail art colors, if you particularly like a certain color, you can use the same color in both layers. If you like rich colors, you can also choose many colors to stack together. This is another double-layer French style, but after cutting off the first layer, the second layer is a bit strange.

In addition, we can also superimpose French and reverse French manicures, and fill the middle section of the nails with nude pink. This will make the nails look particularly healthy, but there may be obvious signs of growth when the nails are trimmed later.


This double French manicure is also very suitable for DIY at home.

The tools you need to prepare include a roll of tape, your favorite gel polish, a base coat, a top coat, a nail lamp, and an outline pen.


First, apply a layer of base coat on the nails, and then cut the tape into small sections, preparing a total of 10 sections for sticking on the nails.



Put the tape on the nail. The remaining part is the width of the French nail. You can leave it slightly wider to make the base for the second French nail.

Choose your favorite gel polish and apply it on the separated nails. Don’t be too careful with this step because the tape has already isolated the excess gel polish.

In the step of removing the tape, it is best to let the gel polish be in a semi-dry state. If it is not dry, tearing it off directly will easily damage the edges of the nail art. However, if it is too dry, the gel polish will likely be damaged. Tear off the gel. If it fails, try a few more times to find the right feeling.



If your hand is steady enough, you can just apply the second layer of French style directly on the edge of the free line. But if your hand is not steady enough, you need to choose a super thin outline pen to apply the second layer of French style. If neither of these two methods works, then you need to use the power of tape to outline the second layer, but the prerequisite for using tape is that your gel polish can be firmly attached to the nail.

To make the effect of the double French style last longer, we finally need to apply a top coat and cure it under a nail lamp to dry it. This will make the nails more shiny and make the manicure last longer.

After reading so much, are you attracted to this nail art style? Let’s try it together this summer.






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