Recent Nail Fashion Trends

by LiCoscelia

A fresh manicure is the perfect way to add a little extra colour to your outfit. While we've always loved certain classic colourways, why not try something a little more adventurous for your next manicure? From subtle and chic details to bold colour graphic designs, there's a nail trend in this season's most fashionable style that's right for you - all the more reason to try out a variety of styles because life is too short.

  • Aurora Nail Art


Aurora Nail in the light irradiation reflects the sparkling waves of light, translucent has a simple colour matching as if the elf's wings in general. This nail clean and gorgeous, silk like texture, very durable. More transparent white base plus pearl powder collocation, so that it reveals the luster of shells and satin, looks more transparent. It's beautiful no matter what light it's in.

  • Metallic Nail Art

Metallic nails are also popular this season. This chic craze is currently all over Hollywood, with nail art queen Kylie Jenner adopting the style on a regular basis. The metallic trend works with any colour and works best with longer coffin-shaped nails. Metallic nails are very cyberpunk and techy. This nail style looks premium and is perfect for the winter vibe. It's a good choice whether you wear it with a shirt jumper or coat. Those who like dark or technological sense can try it.

  • Blue Nail Art


The hot hue these days is blue, and for a manicure that will make you the envy of the world, go for blue! In fact, every colour has qualities that belong to it, and out of all the colours, blue is considered to be one of the more refreshing ones, it has a very magical quality that can make people unconsciously quieten their minds when they see this colour. As we all know the blue colour can be found everywhere in our lives, that is, the works of the masters also appear frequently, such as the famous Dutch painter Van Gogh's work "Starry Night". From dark blue to sky blue to baby blue, this fresh and atmospheric colour can meet the needs of various moods and occasions.

  • Marble Nail Art

If you don't love complicated coloured nail styles, then choose this black and white minimalist marbled style. A simple black outline with a bit of white lines carries the simplicity of a plain colour, but you can also see a little bit of thought, so whoever does this finger paint can instantly become super personal. It's veined like a kitchen marble countertop, atmospheric and advanced. In fact, marble veins are not only black and white, we can also try other fresh colours. If you are not sure you can start with a single fingertip and if you feel good, you can do a whole set.

  • Nude Minimalist Nail Art

I love the super subtle details of this nude colour and nail art embellishment. Keep it simple by applying nude nail polish on well-maintained nails, and embellish one or two nails with some nail art diamonds as needed for a classy manicure that's perfect for the office. A super gentle colour with a hint of fairy sense. A few nail rhinestones in the light of a flash, very dazzling show temperament. This is much more attractive than a simple solid colour manicure, so people can't help but try it!

These are the nail styles that have been trending lately and they are all exciting designs to choose from. They also have some super wearable options for every day and every occasion, such as nude colours and nail art rhinestones with minimal detailing looks and pastel shades.


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