Pick the Right Manicure for Your Outfit

by LiCoscelia

The weather is getting cooler and cooler, so don't forget our nails while picking out your autumn and winter outfits. Today we are sharing a few types of nail art that are suitable for now. In addition, the weather is dry in autumn and winter, hands are easy to be rough and cracked, so you should remember to do care for your hands and remember to apply hand cream. This will look better with nail art. Let's take a look at what kind of nail art is suitable for the autumn and winter seasons.

Brown coloured nails are very much in this season now. It is the colour preferred by many now. Solid colour with sequin sealer, with the activities of the fingers, sequin luster flows around, giving the fingertips a dynamic sense of beauty, and fur, tweed fabric clothes are particularly compatible. It is a nail style most suitable for winter, gentle and white temperament. The colour is close to chocolate, giving people a warm and sweet feeling, if you like friends must try it!

Jumper manicure whether it is a single checkered line, jumping colour checkered diamond pattern, three-dimensional twist knitting and other patterns, let fingertips instantly create a warm winter warm tone. Whether it is from the colour scheme to the texture, it looks very comfortable, and if it is matched with a frosted manicure with a snowflake pattern, it will be very chic and have a winter taste at first sight. This manicure is perfect for either a down jacket or a coat and windbreaker.

White nail art is also a popular colour this season. White nail polish has long been not only a touch of French nails, but with other colours of the trend of choice. In autumn and winter will soon be heavy clothes will look people a bit bulky. This time with a pure white simple manicure just can play a balancing role. At the same time simple and pure white manicure senior sense. It can be worn with jumpers and coats, so it has become the most versatile colour that can't go wrong.

Minimalist lines have also been a trend that never goes out of fashion in the nail art world, very understated but without losing the sense of design, more full of literary sense. The pattern can be hand-drawn some abstract lines, or geometric lines, as long as there is a sense of beauty. The manicure in the picture is in solid colours, not too much design, just with a few simple lines will be very nice. If you think straight lines are perhaps a bit stiff, then why not try pairing them with curves. These are simple but very designer patterns.

Do you like any of these nail art above? In fact, these styles will not only give your fingertips a makeover, but also make your mood well regulated. Busy work and life's chores may make you feel confused sometimes. And by changing to a brand new manicure, you will also get a brand new mood for better emotional relaxation, which is professionally called empathy, and it will really have some effect. So let's change our nails to relax in our spare time.


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