New Year's Nail Art

by LiCoscelia

I don't realise that we have come to the last month of the year, and all kinds of year-end parties are coming up as scheduled. After a busy year, what image to appear in front of everyone must be the most concerned topic for girls recently.

Some people secretly slimming, some people booked up the facial care, most people intend to get a few pieces of New Year's Eve robes to let themselves shine all over the field. In addition to going to bed early and getting up early to keep your skin in top condition, we can also put some effort into our nails. Here are a few nail art recommendations, let's see if there's anything you like.

  • Plum Red

Plum red, also known as berry colour, can be said to be a very popular colour in these years.

It originated from the colour of the fruit we all love to eat Chelsea, the rich colour gives a heavy sense of texture, stacked many times before the appearance of the deep pulp purple is one of the most whitening hands of the colour.

This colour is more everyday, for those who are not too fond of trying fresh colours, and not too often do manicure to change the colour of the girl, plum colour can be perfectly matched with black, white and grey all kinds of daily wear of the colour system, and can add some feminine temperament to the more boring colours. In the hands and feet to let people feel the feminine and gentle.

Since it's a New Year's match, it's natural to add a little ingenuity to the original plum colour. For example, you can do a French manicure by outlining the edges with gold dust, or you can do a colour-jumping design with big gold sequins to add more jumpiness and New Year's vibes. Of course, if you want to make it more personal, you can decorate some diamonds and metal accessories to make the whole manicure more in line with your own personal temperament.

  • Red and green collocation

After the Christmas season, the New Year's Eve will soon be upon us. In fact, we can choose a suitable is Christmas nail directly across the New Year.

For those who want to keep it simple, a rich red colour with emerald green tracings makes it easy to create a Christmassy French manicure. This colour can be a fantastic match with a grey jumper.

For the cute style girl, you should not miss the popular hand-painted Christmas manicure this year! Cute Father Christmas and moose heads are depicted on the nail surface by a handy manicurist, so reach out your hand and you'll be the cutest of them all!

If you feel that red and green with more old-fashioned, then you can try red nail with white snowflake hand-painted pattern, is very suitable for those well-behaved spirit of the girl.

  • Mocha Colours


A warm cup of mocha is the elixir that cures all unhappiness. Sweet taste, hazelnut aroma, and the deep winter is the best match. If you are also a mocha-loving girl, try a chocolate dark brown manicure, a colour that even a novice can't go wrong with!

The rich and silky chocolate colour goes perfectly with airy girls. The colour is not picky and not too eye-catching, painted full of high class.

It can be paired with checkerboard and black polka dot patterns to add more French temperament. Can also be stacked with gold sequins and silver glitter, adding more festive atmosphere!


Having said that, you must be dying to try out these nail colours, right? If you want to know more about the secrets of nail art, follow us on ins!


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