Nail Tips 丨Solutions to Common Problems

by LiCoscelia

Do you really understand gel polish? Have you ever been confused as to why gel polish bubbles? Today I will help you answer 6 common questions, come with me to know the truth!

  • Blistering:

Ø when applying gel polish dragged back and forth too much, so when applying color we need to apply in one direction.

Ø In the process of applying the brush inside the hidden air, so painted on the surface of the nail will appear bubbles, a reminder, use the gel polish, the brush needs to be gently pressed.

  • Wrinkle:

Ø Gel polish applied too thick

This situation is usually only the surface of the gel polish dry, and the bottom layer of glue is not completely dry, so apply gel polish as long as a thin layer of paint, afraid of the color is not real fairies can be many times on the color!

Ø Pulling out your hand while lighting

In the light of the lamp time, for some reason out of the hand outside the light therapy lamp will also cause wrinkles, especially the curiosity of the full of active stars should pay attention to attention!

Ø Lamp aging

The function of light therapy lamp will be weakened after a long time of use. Insufficient power of the light therapy lamp will lead to wrinkles, it is recommended to regularly check the light therapy lamp to avoid the situation.

  • Particles:

Ø Nail surface is not clean, so wipe them with an alcohol pad after each polish.

Ø Small particles on the bottle were brought down by the brush head. It is recommended to make sure the nail surface is clean when applying gel and clean the cap regularly to avoid similar situations.

Ø When polishing the nail surface, remember to keep the gel polish tightly capped to prevent dust from entering the bottle opening and causing bubbles when applying the gel.

  • Discoloration:

Ø Cover coat is applied too thick

Repeatedly applying the sealer more than two times will make the color appear off-color possible. In fact, each brand will have a slight yellowing phenomenon, but if you find that the gel polish is seriously yellow, it may be the use of gel polish deterioration.

Ø Gel polish placed time impact

Gel polish placed too long will affect the color difference after applying, this is why? It is because the gel polish placed too long, there will be a separation of glue and color, color powder will slowly precipitate to the bottom of the bottle, on the contrary, the glue will be squeezed by the powder to the top, so all the fairies in the paint when you make sure to put the bottle mouth down, with both hands gently shaking shake well.

  • Shrinking glue:

Ø Nail surface is not clean

Nail surface cleaning is not meticulous enough, not thoroughly clean the surface of the grease film, or cleaned without attention to protect the real nail, constantly touching the nail surface.

Ø External contact grease

External grease adhering to the nail surface can easily lead to shrinkage of glue, for example, when we are doing nail art, eating some greasy food may lead to grease on the nail.

Ø Product problem

If the fairies found that the gel polish glue serious shrinkage, may be the use of product quality problems, it is recommended to buy a good reputation of the genuine brand to avoid similar situations Oh.

  • Falling off:

Ø Wear and tear in daily life and nails' own problems

In daily life, nails are prone to wear and tear, excessive wear and tear will make the gel polish easy to fall off, if their nails are relatively thin and soft, it is more likely to fall off, so pay attention to the daily protection of the nails.

Ø Problems with nail art techniques

Remember to do a good job of wrapping your nails every time you do a manicure to prevent the gel polish from falling off.

Ø Not using the same brand of products

When applying gel polish, it is recommended to use the same brand and series of products, so as to be more reliable. Without fully understanding the characteristics of the product, the mixing of different brands of products is likely to cause adverse consequences

Grab your notes and memorize this knowledge to help you perfect your manicure.


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