Nail Tips丨Why Foot Nail Art Costs More

by LiCoscelia

Nail art, as the name implies, is to beautify and decorate your nails. In addition to the common hand manicures, foot manicures have also become popular. Especially in the summer, most girls will have their feet manicured, because the weather will be hot, they will wear sandals or slippers to go out, and the foot manicure can better match their own clothes, and look very delicate.

Some people think that a foot manicure is cheaper than a hand manicure because it doesn't consume too much gel polish. As a matter of fact, this idea is wrong and foot manicure is actually more expensive than hand manicure. Let me tell you the answer today, there are four main reasons.

No.1 Thicker cuticles on the feet

Generally, the cuticles of the feet are more and thicker than those of the hands, so they need to be handled more meticulously in order to ensure the firmness of the foot manicure. And the area of the toenail is smaller, in the process of removing cuticles, the use of sanding machine or thwart operation requires extra attention to avoid injury. This is the nail technician's technical requirements are also higher, sanding process but also always check the completion of the situation, the consumption of time will also increase.

No.2 Toenails are often defective in shape

Because of the perennial squeeze by the shoes, most people's toenails more or less will appear deformation problems, repair grinding nail shape than finger nails more difficult. And after the color nail shape defects can be seen clearly, so encounter problems with the toenails, nail technicians have to spend more time to repair and polish them.

No.3 Small Toenail Area

General do hand manicure are with nail polish matching nail brush, operation is very rapid a few on a good color. But the toenails are different, because the area is small, so it is easier to paint to the surrounding skin, nail technicians on the color of the time to pay close attention to some of the small toenails, but also have to use a very small brush dipped in the gel polish slowly on the color, spend more than double the time than the hand nail long!

No.4 Foot nails are more tired than hand nails

If it is not a high-end nail salon, there will rarely be matching nail tables and chairs, basically the nail technician to take a small stool, sitting low at the guest's feet to do nail art. Prolonged low head operation, the neck will be numb some stiffness. However, even with matching nail tables and chairs, it is not as convenient to do foot manicure as it is to do hand manicure, the nail technician and the customer can't stay at the same level to complete the manicure, so generally complete the foot manicure, most of the nail technicians will have back pain, and the eyes will be very painful.

And correctly speaking, the growth rate of the toenails is more than twice as slow as the growth rate of the finger nails, the finger nails are usually about 1 month to do, but the toenails are usually 2-3 months before they need to be removed, so they are usually more than twice as expensive as the finger nails!

The cost of a manicure does not depend on the amount of gel polish consumed, but also the cost of the nail technician's skills, the cost of his time, etc. Did you understand the new knowledge unlocked today?


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