Nail art 丨Knowledge of Different Nail Shapes

by LiCoscelia

Have you ever had that kind of confusion? obviously looking at this style of nail art is very beautiful, very nice, see other people do it is also very beautiful, why do you do it but not good?

Many people because the fingers are not long enough, or not white enough, the shape of the nails is not good and some other reasons to lose confidence in the nail, we must know that the nail is used to beautify their own, choose the right nail will add points to your image! Everyone's nail shape is different, but according to the tip of the nail, the nail bed of the trend, the characteristics of the root of the nail, the nail can be divided into the following categories: round, squoval, oval, square, mountain peak, almond-shaped. So, what kind of nail art is suitable for you? Take a look at it with me.

  • Round nail

Round:The front end is parabolic, with a softer arc, which can match any finger. This shape is not only suitable for women, men can also try. You can also try a variety of cute colored patterns that will add some playfulness. In addition, the nails are strong enough not to break easily, which is also very suitable for girls who don't like their nails to be too long.

  • Squoval nail

Squoval nail is also a shape that applies to the vast majority of people, because this kind of nail art combines the personality of a square nail art dry and the gentle elegance of an oval nail art. It is fashionable and wear-resistant, and it is the ideal shape for the public, which is not easy to break.

It is the best choice for customers with fragile nails or for those who often show off their hands, such as receptionists and salesmen. For customers with obvious bone joints and long thin fingers, the square round shape may make up for the shortcomings.

  • Oval nail


Oval nail highlights the gentle and elegant characteristics of oriental women's nail shape. It is suitable for almost all the nail beds of the native nails, especially the fingers with shorter nails. It can also be made into a slightly more rounded shape, which visually reduces the width and has the effect of extending the nail bed, suitable for any age.

  • Square Nail


The leading fashionable and personalized nail shape is a classic shape. Looking angular, there is a feeling of simplicity in the dry. It can visually narrow the nails and appear more slender fingers. Because of the force part is more uniform, contact area is large, not easy to break, suitable for commonly used nails of the front end of the work of white-collar women or lively character of the customer, but also suitable for toes repair shape of the nail (suitable for long, thin, joints of the fingers of the big people), is a practical and fashionable coexisting style!

  • Mountain peak Nail


Fully demonstrate the classical style of the individuality of the nail shape, was popular in Hollywood actresses, because the nail contact surface area is small, adhere to a long time is not easy to break. In order to match the trend and style of diverse makeup, such a nail shape is also a new attempt.

  • Almond-shaped nail


Almond-shaped nail is a more avant-garde personality shape, very popular among many European and American stars and fashion person. But this shape of nail is easy to break, so you need to be extra careful maintenance.

Based on what you've learned, test your hands and nails so that you can choose the right style and look beautiful!


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