Manicure knowledge - Matte manicure

by LiCoscelia

Matte manicure presents a matte effect, giving you an understated and high-class feeling. In this cold season of fall and winter, with this frosted decoration looks very mild, feel you have a kind of amiable temperament. However, there is a problem that causes some people to give up on it when they choose it, thinking that frosted nails don't stay on very long and are not resistant to dirt and difficult to clean. If you want to try frosted nails but also have such concerns, let me tell you the solution!

The biggest fear of a frosted manicure is that the frosted sealer will be worn off, resulting in the loss of the frosted effect. If you wish to increase the durability, you can do this:

1、First of all, choose a good quality frosting sealer, if the quality of frosting sealer is poor, the frosting effect can be maintained for a short period of time, slowly the surface of the nail becomes dirty, but also on the health of the nail itself, so be sure to choose a good quality nail polish and frosting sealer.

2、If you feel that the effect of frosting sealer coated once poor, you can apply two times, so that the effect of frosting to maintain a longer period of time. After the first coat, shine the light, let the sealer dry thoroughly, and then apply another coat and shine the light. Try not to touch greasy substances for an hour after your manicure is complete.


It is true that frosted manicure is not as resistant to dirt as glossy manicure, but it is not impossible to solve the problem of dirt, you can try the following operation:

1、If it is ordinary dust, gently with a wet towel a wipe off, but wipe off the dirt can only be removed by dissolving the sealer, because frosted manicure is no way to remove the nail towel cleaning, no effect, want to remove the dirt can only be to replace the sealer.

2、The surface of the nail is generally not dirty, dirty is stubborn stains, because the surface of the nail is relatively hard, ordinary dirt is no way to leave traces on the surface, once left traces of either stubborn stains is damaged sealer, so to replace a new sealer.

3、In fact, can also be directly stacked with a layer of glossy oil, but if the traces are more obvious, stacked with a glossy oil can still be seen, stacked want to decontaminate is more troublesome, may need to unload all the nail, compared to the replacement of the sealer has been considered a relatively simple and convenient way.

4、Decoupling agent is also called glue remover, is the use of chemical composition to remove grease, dissolve off the curing glue, but also has a cleaning function, can be used to dissolve the frosted sealer, but the dissolving agent is not resistant to dirt, easy to stain the dirt, the use of the time to pay special attention to. Remove the frosted sealer and then re-brush the sealer, and then bake with the light therapy machine for a while.

Master these methods, if you are interested in frosted nail art boldly try it!


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