Manicure:A little idea to match

by LiCoscelia

Do you have the trouble of not knowing what to wear every day? Do you put a lot of effort into color matching? Probably most people in daily life will pay attention to clothing collocation, and through some small details to enhance the overall temperament, such as: earrings, necklaces, rings and so on. In fact, there's actually one more small detail: the manicure. A manicure that fits well with the outfit will enhance the overall look.

European and American actresses such as Lady gaga and Nicki Minaj have opted for manicures that are more tailored to their outfits to enhance their look.When nail art and dresses are reasonably matched. Nail art can become a highlight of the red carpet, and may even cause a Fashion trend.

We can also enhance our overall look by choosing the right manicure. Here are a few examples of manicure matching styles in different clothing styles.

  • Simple manicure

When you're wearing a more complex outfit with more metal accessories, you can pair it with a simple manicure, such as a solid manicure in the same color as the outfit, or a simple nude manicure, which can enhance the look of the outfit without making the delicate outfit look awkward when bare fingers are exposed.

  • Matching manicure

Pink is a favorite color for women, and wearing pink clothes can make you stand out in a crowd, so why don't we also choose pink nail art as a match? At this time, choosing the same color manicure is a good idea to achieve unity in color.

  • Colorful manicure

The weather in the northern hemisphere is gradually cooling, people have put on their coats early in the morning and night, talking about coats, black is the most classic, but black gives people a heavy atmosphere, so how to change this atmosphere? The answer is nail art, which can be embellished with colorful nails to bring a bright mood.

  • Glitter manicure

Diamonds are a single item that every woman can not refuse, whether it is a ring or a necklace, in the sunlight refracts the colorful light, showing the visual effect of glitter. When we match, we can choose glitter nail art to show the same effect.

In short, nail art as a matching tips in the overall style is very important, come get the same nail art!




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