Let's do a manicure for mom

by LiCoscelia


It's almost May 12th, Mother's Day. On this beautiful day, of course, you should hang out with your mom. We can't help but take pictures while we go out shopping, so why not take advantage of the pre-holiday season to give your mom a manicure with your own hands and go out together beautifully on Mother's Day.

  • Red Nail Art

This red manicure is also something you can make at home for your mom. It is not really difficult. The whole set of manicure is in red color. Which adds a gold magic mirror powder match, the whole simple but no loss of gorgeous and noble feeling. If you feel that this manicure is not special enough, then we can also try to put a large ruby on each hand, which can also sideways highlight the whole manicure of the magnificent and noble.

  • Cat Eye Nail Art

This nail art is very simple and pretty. It uses nude pink cat eye nail polish as the main color, and French manicure on the front of the nail to outline the edges. This visually elongates our hands and is perfect for mom. Ice translucent cat eye manicure is clean and simple. The light reveals a sparkling feeling, revealing elegance everywhere. Then in part of the nails embellished with nail art diamonds, more elegant and gorgeous. If we do not have cat eye gel using ordinary nude pink nail polish will also be a very nice match.

  • Pink Nail Art

I'm sure mom will have a girly heart no matter what time of year it is too. Let's just give mom a Barbie manicure this holiday season. The pink color is full of vitality and energy, and the heart symbolizes our everlasting love for mom. So let mom boldly try this manicure, no matter when no matter what age we have to live freely and passionately.

  • Nude Nails

The style of this manicure is very simple, but it will test our painting skills. It uses nude or translucent colors as the main color of the whole manicure, and you can also use some fine glitter nail polish to embellish the nails. The overall look is clean and elegant. The nail art is then further decorated with floral motifs to make it more elegant and girly. This nail shape I believe can evoke memories of the mother's teenage years, let us on Mother's Day to accompany her to do a day of free and easy girl it.

On this Mother's Day, which is full of warmth and gratitude, let's do a manicure for our dear mothers, which carries deep love and appreciation for their selfless devotion. We hope that through this action, we can not only add convenience and color to our mother's life, but also let her feel the warmth of our company. On Mother's Day, it's time to put love and appreciation into action and let mom know that no matter how far we go, our hearts are always with her.


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