How to remove nails?

by BingLi

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Safe armor removal
1. There are two ways for professional armor removal:
1) The main component of acetone's general nail remover is a solvent containing acetone, which is decomposed by the molecular structure of the primer, allowing nail gel to be safely removed. Advantages: For ordinary nail polish or loose molecular structure gel, it will be easier to remove. Disadvantages: Phototherapy nails need to be removed for a long time-some, many sensitive people are sensitive or allergic to such chemical solvents.

2) Removal of the sander: You can also adjust the removal yourself. The power of the sander can be used for professional nail art, and the removal is fast and safe.

3) Remember not to peel it by hand. The nail cuticles are divided into three layers. Because the outer layer is thin, it is easy to wear or tear, so the resistance to foreign bacteria will also be weakened, and it is easy to be invaded by bacteria, resulting in nail disease. Do not use unprofessional tools and unsterilized tools for manicure, causing cross infection.

Type of nail drill machine:
The first type: USB mini nail drill pen (five colors can be selected)

The second type: plug mini nail drill machine

The third type: hot classic nail drill machine

The fourth type: 25000RPM nail drill machine, quick removal

There are also a variety of drill bits, sanding band

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