How to Make a Stronger Manicure

by LiCoscelia

If you want your nails to stay long and not peel off, you need to make sure that the base coat and your nails are perfectly adhered to each other. It is important to do a good job of priming where the colour gel is applied. The base coat will help the nail polish to stick stronger.

We also need to pay attention to one point, that is, grease, the human body itself will secrete grease, these oils will directly affect the solid effect of nail polish. So when doing pre-processing on the nails, you can't handle it at will.

Well, having said that, it's time to get into the topic, how to wrap the edges to make the manicure more durable?

  • Make the edges stronger

Nail prep dehydrator and nail primer are the manicurist's best friend. For those who have oily nails or oily skin, these two things are indispensable. Because of the oil, the base coat will not adhere to the nail surface evenly. Nail Primer can make the base gel more adhesive to the nail surface, while Nail prep dehydrator can quickly absorb the oil on the nail surface, so that the base gel can be firmly attached to the nail surface.

  • The amount of nail polish you take when wrapping the edge must be small.

Overly thick edging comes off easily, so it's not even close to being durable. Don't use too much nail polish when edging. From the base coat to the sealer, it's one layer at a time. If you take more glue, the fingertips will appear higher than the rest of the nail surface. Not only will it not be beautiful, it won't last long.

Another point is that if you take less glue when wrapping the edges, then the glue will be dried every time you shine the light, and it will be more solid.

  • Wrap each layer as much as possible.

Wrapping the edge only once is not enough. Because when you do nail art, you apply many layers of nail polish and only one layer of wrapping, the leading edge of the nail and the surface of the nail are protected differently, which can easily cause the tip of the nail to fall off.

  • How should I wrap my short nails?

Doing the wrapping work of short nails is the biggest headache for nail technicians, Remarks: Especially for customers who have particularly short sticking free lines. The response to such short nails is as follows:

Use your finger to gently push back the little flesh of the customer's fingertip, exposing the tip of the nail, and then do the wrapping can be done. Special attention, when pushing the small flesh must be gentle, this move a little stronger will make the customer have a sense of pain.


Have you learnt all the above methods? Hopefully we can all have sturdy manicures.


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