How to make a beautiful long nail design?

by BingLi

Summer is coming

It's season to extend nail

In summer it is more suitable for light-colored extension nail

Are you ready to make an extended armor in the summer?

Only do solid color extension armor, it may be simple

Below, I prepared a simple extension armor design

Find false nail with scale that suit your nails

Squeeze out poly gel, dip it with slip solution and slowly push the poly gel away

After pushing out the length you want, put it on your nails, put on a clip, and cureded under nail lamp

Remove the false nail after cured

Polish the nail shape you want with a nail files

Polish your nails to make the poly gel fit your nails

After polishing, apply base coat, and cured under nail lamp

Paste the decoration you want, adjust the position of the decoration

Finally, top coat, and cured under nail lamp

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