How to keep up with popular elements

by BingLi

Needless to say, leopard prints have always been popular elements in clothing, shoes, various types of decorations, and even talking about nail art.

Can nails only be solid colors?
No, the embedded leopard element will be more chic and beautiful, combined with the color jump + leopard design, highlighting the low-key and small sexy beauty, a single large area leopard will be difficult to hold, so use the leopard element on the background color , The effect is large and different,

Little fairy who likes leopard print, hurry and experience it now!

This gradual and intense gradual color nail art forms subtle fading changes,

Are you sure you don't want to try it?

The little fairy in the sweet department is definitely not to be missed, it feels very suitable for summer,
With a fairy full dress, gentle and cute.

The effect of the dream soft dream is too elegant,
After reading it, can't help but want to try it?

Dear friends, what nail art are you interested in?
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