How To Choose The Suitable Nail Shape and Color

by LiCoscelia

Nowadays, more and more nail shapes and colors are becoming popular. People use nail art to enhance their outfits and moods, and naturally, they have to select the nail shape and color carefully. This blog will continue the previous issue of choosing nail art according to the clothing style, and discuss the nail shape. I hope it will be helpful for you who are making relevant choices.

It is undeniable that compared with the changeable nail shapes in the Chinese nail market, the popular nail shapes in Europe and the United States are mostly super long trapezoidal and super long water drop shapes. Selecting these nail shapes requires the assistance of nail tools such as nail tips. The nail shape based on the original nail is also a good choice.

The more popular nail shapes on the nail market include ultra-short square, short circle, medium square, short ballet, medium oval, short almond, long oval, almond, short trapezoid, short water drop, long water drop, long trapezoid, etc.

When you pair it with a silhouette suit or business suit, medium square and short round nails paired with solid or nude nail polish will make you look more capable and decent. Show your elegance in every gesture.

The choice of nail shape and color has a lot to do with the shape of your hands. If your finger joints are more prominent, short square nails with a lower saturation nail polish are more suitable.

If your palms are wide, your fingers are short and plump, and long oval or almond nails with nude, white, bean paste colors, etc. can enhance the extension of your fingers and make them look longer. 

If your fingers are already slender and your fingertips are much thinner than the base of your fingers, you can choose square or round nails with a higher saturation nail polish to make your hands softer.

If you have long and slender fingers and narrow nail beds, square nails are not easy to break, have clear edges and corners, and give you a strong and capable look, which is especially suitable for professional women. Square nails are the classic French manicure shape.

Sometimes we need to choose our nail shape and nail color according to the occasion and clothing to show our style. When you choose the nail shape and nail color to match a fresh, gentle, or beautiful and solemn light-colored dress, you can consider long water drop and almond shapes with the same color as the dress or simple nude and white.

When you choose the nail shape and nail gel polish color to match the overall style of cool or dark-colored clothes, you can consider medium square, short trapezoid, or long trapezoid with dark or hand-painted lines.

When you want to match your nail shape and nail gel polish color with exaggerated accessories, you can choose long water drop and long trapezoid shapes, and match them with sparkling diamond nail decorations to add color to your style.

When your accessories are gentle and generous, such as pearls and diamonds, you can choose clearer and gentler nail colors with almond nail shapes and water-drop nails to increase the softness and tolerance of your overall shape.

With more knowledge and experience in choosing nail shapes and nail gel polish colors, we can make the most suitable choices for ourselves and maximize our beauty. Of course, all our choices about nail shapes and nail gel polish colors are for our mood and beauty. It is also appropriate to boldly try more nail shapes and nail colors!





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