How Do Remove Dead Skin Around Your Nails?

by LiCoscelia

Manicures are always preceded by removing dead skin, so does it get worse the more you cut it?

Although the nail skin at the root of the nail, commonly known as dead skin, is very annoying. Many girls hate to cut it out, but the cuticle of the finger is our body's rubbish.

The cuticle at the edge of the nail bed is a protective film of the epidermis that blocks foreign bodies from intruding and prevents bacterial infections.

Secondly, dead nail skin is unsightly, should it be cleaned?

If left unattended, a large accumulation of dead skin on the nails is indeed too unsightly, so you need to do some necessary cleaning regularly. But the method must be correct, to be able to achieve both the protection of nails, but also clean and tidy purpose.

The next step is to give you a detailed explanation of what is the correct steps to remove dead skin.

First, we have to prepare: warm water, softener, dead skin pusher, dead skin pliers, and nutrient oil.

1) Soften the cuticle

Before the nail technician removes the dead skin, there is a softening process. There are two methods of softening: one is to soak in warm water for 3 to 5 minutes, and the other is to use a softening agent and apply it directly to the edge of the nail for 15 seconds.

Note: Never over-soften, causing the cuticle to be confused with the skin, making it easy to misjudge.

2) Push up dead skin

At a 45-degree angle, use a dead skin push to push up the cuticle that is tightly attached to the nail, making sure to be gentle so as not to scratch the nail surface.

Note: There is a point important to the relationship between health, but many people are prone to neglect, that is, the nail at the root of the nail epithelium and the nail can not be separated, be sure to leave a small side of the nail fixed on the nail, like transparent tape like sticking to the nail, the root of the finger to put a seal. This will stop the bacteria from coming in and messing up.


3) Trim dead skin

Use professional dead skin scissors to cut the cuticle off the edges of your nails, and try not to use a dead skin fork - although this is easier, poor control of the strength can easily cut the skin and make it easier to over-exfoliate. The tip of the dead skin scissors should fall at an angle parallel to the dead skin, the tip of the dead skin scissors slightly cocked a little, with the middle and back section to cut off the dead skin, so that it is safe, you will not cut the fingers.

4) Apply cuticle oil and massage your fingers

Apply cuticle oil to the edge of the nail and massage in a circular motion so that the nutrients can be fully absorbed and prevent the finger skin from drying out and getting barbs.

 In our daily lives, we can also reduce the dead skin on our hands in the following ways:

(1) less contact with irritating washing supplies, washing dishes when washing clothes, may wish to wear gloves to protect the finger skin.

(2) Regular use of hand cream and other body care products to keep the skin moisturized.

(3) Eat more food to avoid your fingers becoming dry, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, milk, eggs, almonds, carrots, and seafood.


In conclusion, when removing dead skin from our nails, it is important to keep our nails safe as well as aesthetically pleasing. When trimming the nail, make sure not to hurt the nail root and treat it gently. Nail removing dead skin: clean and do not hurt the nail, all rely on these three points.





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