History of Acrylic Nails

by LiCoscelia

Nothings is so common as the wishes to be remarkable. Inferiority complex periodically comes from the bottom of our hearts because we have the strong desire to transform the status quo which we are not satisfied with, according to Adler. 

That is true, to a certain extent. Take nails for instance, why ladies are always keen to change nail's colors from red to pink and shapes from oval to square? The answer is, there is always the best are waiting for us to have a try. 

It isn't just the slender fingers and noblewomen that enjoy the privilege of wearing long artificial nails with exquisite and gorgeous patterns as a status symbol. Nowadays, everyone could do the nails as he or she wishes. For those who have suitable natural nails, nail polish or lacquer, please make your choice. For those who prefer long and long-lasting nails but own short and tiny natural nails, then consider acrylic nails, which are invented to be the remedy.

When it comes the acrylic nails, which are made of acrylic glass mixed with acrylic powder and liquid to form a malleable bead easily applied to the nail beds, somehow people would turn pale at the mere mention of MMA, abbreviation of methyl methacrylate monomer, which is a mild skin irritant in humans and has the potential to induce skin sensitization in susceptible individuals.

However, can you imagine that the initial acrylic nails were actually derived from the dental products to make hard teeth by a dentist?

Anastasia Milton, a nail artist, interviewed Fred Slack, who helped to improve the nail industry, and made it a video uploaded on her Youtube channel.

It isn't a story but a fact. And when you want to make acrylic nails, do remember to choose the ethyl methacryate monomer, short for EMA

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