Hand Care Routine You Need

by LiCoscelia

The covid-19 pandemic has transformed all our lives. Lockdowns have forced us to change how we socialize, how we shop and how we work. You may find that you’re using hand sanitizer more often than before to fight against germs.

For women who play various roles in mother, wife and daughter, a mountain of cleaning housework are carried on their shoulders. As with rifles of soldiers, ladies really value their hands. Despite being one of the most used parts of our bodies, hands are one of the most overlooked when it comes to skincare.

A proper hand care routine is essential to keep your hands in healthy and perfect condition. Here come some useful tips to help you find the best way to care for your hands.

Keep Away from Heat

For water, use cold or lukewarm, not hot. Hot water dries out your skin more quickly without being any more effective than lukewarm water. Similarly, stay away from prolonged heat. Besides, instead of using a hand dryer to dry your hands, shake your hands dry and gently pat them down with a soft towel.

Tender Loving Care Hand Wash

Use a mild soap or moisturizing hand wash when it comes to your hands to avoid drying your skin out. Try to avoid using bar soap as it has high PH, which cause unnecessary dryness. Instead, choose liquid soaps since they are generally less drying to the skin.

Moisturizing Your Hands

With the covid-19 pandemic, you may find the truth that hand sanitizer used more often than before. Alcohol-based sanitizers dry out your skin in the meantime kill the virus, so it’s important to moisturize your hands after application. When using hand sanitizer, it’s best to wait until your hands are completely dry before moisturizing, as alcohol-based gel will repel the moisturizer.

The best times to use moisturizer are after a bath, dish washing, exfoliating and before going to bed. It will be more effective when you try to moisturize your hands overnight, slather lotion or an ultra-hydrating hand cream on your hands and wear cotton gloves overnight to retain the moisture for several hours.  

Keep Your Hands Protected

An often neglected part of an ideal hand care routine is sunscreen. Sunscreen is a key step in protecting your skin from sunburn and premature aging. When applying sunscreen to your hands, apply moisturizer first and then apply sunscreen. To prevent prolonged contact with cleaning supplies, use gloves when doing the dishes, the laundry, or other household chores.

Gentle Hand Exfoliation to Remove Dull, Dry Skin

Exfoliation is the process of sloughing away dead skin cells to expose the fresh skin cells underneath. Use the exfoliation method best suited for your skin type. Scrubbing is more effective for oily skin, while chemical exfoliators are recommended for dry or sensitive skin.

It’s best to exfoliate your hands twice a week, as more frequent exfoliation can irritate the skin and abrade perfectly healthy skin cells prematurely. If you have sensitive skin or open cuts on your hands, avoid exfoliation as it can lead to irritation.

Don’t Forget Your Nails

After finishing all the routine of your hand care, don’t forget to clean and manicure your nails. Long free edge of nails provides a breeding bed for bacteria. Use cotton swabs dipping alcohol to wipe the free edges after coming back home, because your hands may be exposed to chalk, dirt, and grease. When it comes to manicure nails, nail clippers and cuticle oil will be your good helpers. Last but not least, file your nail to a satisfying shape and then make them colorful.   


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