2024 Spring Green Nail Art

by LiCoscelia

What would be the first color in everyone's mind when spring is mentioned? I'm sure some think of the color green as I do. The color green always gives people a sense of comfort and vitality.

  • Clear Green Nail Art

When the weather starts to warm up, everyone will want to change to some clear texture nail art. Spring is a romantic season, and likewise, spring represents new beginnings. Many people will have more expectations and romantic wishes in spring. So in this season full of expectations, we also need to look a bit more spiritual!

  • Green Jump Color Manicure

Jumping color manicure is the favorite of many girls. Although the styles are all the same, you are free to choose the color according to your preference. With green to create the jump color manicure, simple and highlight temperament. The combination of green and white nail art looks very elegant and pleasing to the eye. This combination with light colors will especially highlight the green color and make it more eye-catching. Since there are no decorations added, it will look very simple and straightforward. If you add the shine from glowing elements such as sequins or gold leaf, it makes the manicure look richer and will look more glamorous.

  • Dark Green Nail Art

The dark green color has a slight hint of depth compared to the ones presented earlier. Its color is closer to the leaves of a plant that has grown to maturity and can be considered a color that comes with life. We can use white for the base and green for the leaves coloring, and this literary nail art will look very elegant. Or use dark green as the main body, with plants or flowers hand-painted on the nail art, simple and generous, very artistic style. This kind of coloring can also be mixed and matched with other styles, how to be very beautiful and temperament, I believe that will not let you down at all.

When it comes to literary temperament style nail art, of course, there is no shortage of frosted texture nail art. Green and white with, and matte top coat gel polish, an advanced artistic sense immediately appeared.

  • Matcha Green Nail Art

A light matcha green will have a refreshing and comfortable feel, and with a more glittery foil manicure, the variation in texture and color makes the manicure look coordinated and distinctive. Even short nails will look great. We can start with a coat of matcha green on the rounded surface of the trimmed nail, leaving the ring finger empty for the glitter look. Fold a green foil of the same size as the nail surface and cut it into two pieces, stick it on the nail, and apply a coat of polish. The foil has a glossy finish, and the folded lines give it a three-dimensional, futuristic look. The combination of light matcha green and ink-colored glitter foil creates an original nail art pattern that is perfect for active girls.

How about after reading do not think that green nail art is nice, is not a nail art that can be done in all seasons. After seeing these nails today, which one do you like more?


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