Does Gel Nail Polish Ruin Your Nails

by LiCoscelia

Probably every girl has had experience in doing nail art.In the face of a wide range of nail polish in nail salons, while we are addicted to nail art, we often have some hidden worries: Is nail art harmful to nails?

First of all, let's analyze the composition of nail polish. Nail polish is actually a resin, which is non-toxic and harmless in itself, and the maintenance time is relatively long.

The real possible damage to your nails actually comes more from nail polish remover, which can get your nails clean quickly, but at the same time can make them weaker. This is because whatever nail polish remover will wipe away the oils that protect your nails and make them drier.

Some people say that having a manicure will make your nails thinner and thinner, and they are especially prone to splitting and breaking. If it's the nail polish that doesn't harm your nails, what causes your nails to thin?

This generally has the following 3 reasons:

  • May Be an Illusion

We usually keep our manicure for 2-4 weeks, which gives people an illusion that their nails are already thick. After adapting to this thickness, and then remove the manicure, will naturally feel that their nails have become thinner.

This is the same as we are used to long nails, suddenly one day all the long nails are cut short, people will feel finger pain. It is actually a psychological effect.

  • Excessive Polishing of Nails

As we all know, you have to polish your nails before a manicure. One is to sand the nail surface flat. The second is to polish the grease on the nail surface to increase the adhesion of the nail polish and to avoid the nail polish falling off. Generally speaking, if the nail technician's polishing technique is skilful, it will not cause harm to the nail surface. But if you do manicure more frequently, repeated polishing can also cause nail thinning.

Manicurs are beautiful, but don't do them often. Be sure to give your nails a break, and take some time off after doing it again.

  • Bad Habits

Some people can't help but pick at the nail polish after doing a perfect nail. Especially every time you find a little peeling, it's almost like discovering a new continent, you will keep picking, hoping to pick off a piece of complete nail polish. Or when you see the nail warping and feel that it is not perfect anymore, you will want to pick the whole nail surface clean.

This habit is actually the most hurtful to the nails, forcibly picking off the nail, it is easy to destroy the surface structure of the nails, fault lines, nail surface cracking and other problems. Eventually lead to nails become thin and brittle, the loss is not worth it.

So you must suppress your obsessive-compulsive heart, nail peeling can go to the nail shop for repair. If your nails are long and unattractive, you can also go to a nail salon to have them removed. Do not tear the nail with your own bare hands.


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