DIY a crystal butterfly on the nail by yourself !

by LiCoscelia

Here is a step by step show of how to DIY a crystal butterfly by using the nail gel polish, what is very easy that you can do it at home by yourself.


Step 01: After base coat, apply two layers of color gel

Step 02: Draw a gold line around the nail edge and cure



Step 03: Mix the UV gel, Platinum gel and Cat’s Eye gel (or what other gel you like), cure with lamp



Step 04: Wipe away the floating gel and cut into the desired shape



Step 05: Stick the rhinestone with UV gel and cure with lamp


Step 06: Stick the butterfly wings with nail glue, paint the texture on the wings by golder gel and stick the tentacles with nai glue





Step 07: Apply the top coat and cure with lamp


And that’s all for this nail design. It’s really easy to make by yourself, let’s try it at home !


The product which used in this design is in the end of this post, you can shop it here, thank you for watching.



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