Dipping,Tapping, Exciting

by LiCoscelia

As the temperatures rise and the day gets hotter and brighter, one way to usher in the change of season is by replenishing your nail colors.

When we ask nail lovers to choose one of their favorite manicure products, they usually select gel polish.

"when I first tried dipping powder, I was not sure what to expect."

However, most of gel manicure lovers would change their mind after the first application, and the dipping powder is seen as their new alternative to a gel manicure.

Do you know what is dipping powder?

Generally speaking, nail dipping powders, are uncomparable applications where the nail is dipped into a colored acrylic powder multiple times, and then cured with an activtor, and finished with a topcoat.

In reality, if you prefer durable and long-lasting nails,  try dipping powder for the first time to design your nail art, you will feel fancinated by the application process and how easy it's to apply.

In addition, dipping powder has the virtue of adding strength and durability to the nail beds to help the restoration of delicate nails. Although most dipping powders look much thicker, it doesn't feel heavier on the nails.

Furthermore, as an odor-free acrylic system, it's easier and quicker to apply compared to a traditional acrylic one, and it's similiar to a gel-like shine without the need to cure under a lamp, last but not least, it's non-damaging when properly removed using a soak-off wrap removal technique.

The last part of this blog, two removal tips for all dipping powder newbies:

💅1.Make sure to file off as much of the top layer as possible before soaking

💅2.Do not use metal implements or drills to remove.






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