Come and Get the Latest Nail Art Inspiration!

by LiCoscelia

What if I don't have nail inspiration? Why not check out these cute designs, perfect for novices to make their own nails at home, and also great for going to a nail salon to make a manicure!

Nail Brand

Come on and show us your nail art talent! Whether it's a neutral nude design or a gothic black design, both are fun nail art designs! These creative and beautiful nail looks will inspire your next DIY manicure.

  • Colourful French Manicure

French nail art

This nail art is inspired by a painter's palette. Who says autumn is all about yellows and reds. Autumn can be colourful and vibrant too. Although this is just an ordinary French manicure, its overall effect is quite captivating when you change the colours!

  • Mood Nail Art

mood nail art

This manicure is very Y2K! Base it with coloured nail polish and hand paint a smiley face and other moods. Like this very simple a smiley face expression, do on the nail surface harmless, but as if there is magic, will make you can not help but also make a smile expression, with simple solid colour manicure, is also very fashionable, more a few points of lovely feeling. Even if it's not a smiley face, other emojis look cute when drawn on a manicure.

  • Nail Art to Match Your Outfit

When you want to do a simple pure colour manicure but you don't know what colour to choose. Why not choose based on the colour of the clothes you've been wearing a lot lately. Many girls' winter clothing is dark, so with the same color dark nails, it gives people a feeling of calm and calm, and such nails will also become the aura in winter.

  • Gothic Manicure

Gothic style is widely used in the field of art and fashion with its unique, mysterious and romantic charm. And in the nail industry, gothic manicure is also getting more and more attention and love. Gothic nails are predominantly dark in colour and commonly used colours include black, red, dark blue and purple. Unlike normal nail styles, gothic nail art focuses more on contrast, using different coloured lines and patterns on the nails to create a mysterious and dark atmosphere. This manicure is perfect for this season and is also great for the upcoming Halloween.

  • Fluorescent Color Manicure

Summer is over, but we can leave the colors of summer at our fingertips. Fluorescent colors best accentuate the summer style. Fresh and sassy fluorescent green is the cleanest and most representative color of summer.It is full of life and vitality. Phosphors can show the color of summer, and there is a hint of domineering in the fashion and playfulness. Or you can also try fluorescent blue, like a large fluorescent sea, which makes people full of curiosity and yearning.

The cold of autumn and winter can sometimes make people unconsciously low, so it's not a bad time to let your fingertips have a little more colour to cheer you up. So which of these five nail art is your favourite? I hope these five nail art styles will inspire you!


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