Answers to Common Manicure Questions

by LiCoscelia

Do you have such questions when doing manicure?

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Q: Will the dead skin on my fingers cut more and more?

A: If the method of cutting the dead skin is incorrect, it will cause more and more reduction. There is also no need to use a fork-type push knife to push the finger skin. Professional nail artists must use dead skin scissors to deal with dead skin!
Faced with so many kinds of dead skin shears, you must choose the right size. If it is too small, it needs to be cut multiple times, which may make the edges uneven and may cause nail cracking. Although too large a dead skin shear can be cut with a knife, it may cut the edges, and it is not recommended. In general, the size of nails that can be cut twice is just right.

Q: What's wrong with applying nail polish? Questions and answers about nail care

A: Do not shake the nail polish vigorously before applying it. Shaking the nail polish too much will cause bubbles in the nail polish, and the bubbles will appear when you apply it immediately, so move gently so that the pigment in the nail polish is evenly distributed; In addition, the quality of nail polish is also very important. Poor quality will cause bubbles, insufficient gloss, easy to fall off, and damage to nails.

Q: My fingers hurt when doing phototherapy nail light, why?

1. Natural nails are soft

     2. Apply too thick glue at a time

        the lamp will shrink rapidly under the light

        and generate a lot of heat

     3. The wattage of the lamp is too large

     4. The quality of the glue is low


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