A Small Class of Knowledge About Acrylic Powder

by LiCoscelia

Nail art acrylic powder, as the name suggests, is a powdered material used for nail art, and its main effect is to create a sparkling acrylic effect, making the nail art more beautiful and dazzling. Below, let's take a closer look at nail art acrylic powder from different aspects.

First of all, there are its basic types. Although it looks almost the same in appearance, it is mainly divided into the following three categories according to its own function:

  1. Transparent acrylic powder:the most basic acrylic powder, used for priming to establish nail art.
  2. color acrylic powder: add pigment acrylic powder, directly used for coloring.
  3. special effects acrylic powder: such as glitter, frosting powder, etc., to increase the effect of nail art.


Next is the judgment standard, how to distinguish the quality of acrylic powder, you can observe from the following points.

  1. Powder is fine and silky.You can use the nail art brush to stir back and forth to test.
  2. Does not stick to the tip of the pen. High-quality acrylic powder will not stick to the tip of the pen when used.
  3. Not easy to turn yellow.Good acrylic powder can prevent the phenomenon of yellowing after a long time.
  4. 60-90 seconds fast drying.High quality acrylic powder can be dried and cured quickly in 60-90 seconds.
  5. No marbling.High quality acrylic powder will not appear drying cracks.

Finally, the role of acrylic powder, mainly divided into the following four points:

  1. Can be used to repair their own mutilated nails, the use of its effect can be extended, so that the nails are complete again, to make the ideal length of nails.
  2. It can be used to beautify nails. This powder material can create a wide variety of patterns and designs, making the overall appearance of the nails more colorful, thus making the hands more beautiful.
  3. Another important role is to enhance the hardness and durability of nails. Nails are usually susceptible to various physical and chemical irritations, leading to phenomena such as lesions or breakage. However, nail acrylic powder can increase the hardness of nails to avoid wear and tear of nails and prolong the life of nails.
  4. It also has other detailed effects, such as preventing nails from turning yellow and anti-bacterial. By using nail acrylic powder, you can effectively reduce the bacteria and dirt on your nails, making them healthier and more beautiful.

Acrylic powder is perfect for those who love beauty and pursue quality at the same time. Even though it has many advantages, as a chemical material, you need to pay attention to protective measures during use, avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive parts, and pay attention to comply with the instructions for use to protect your own health and safety.

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