5 Types of Nails Shapes , and How to make These Shapes

by LiCoscelia

一、Oval Nail

Oval from the centre to the side, this is the most elegant shape.

Advantage: Can hide the shortcomings of too thin or wide nails.

Buffing method:

  1. Grind the nails from both ends to the middle, and polish the symmetrical horizontal shapes on both sides.

  2. Continue to polish from the edge of the nail to the center, and the sides are oval to the middle.

二、Square Nail

Lines on both sides, sharp corners nail. Also known as classic French manicure。

Advantage: Can narrow the nails visually, making the nails appear smaller than they really are. More suitable for people with longer nails and wider nails.

Buffing method:

  1. Polish the edges of the nails horizontally from both sides to the center, polished at right angles on both sides.

  2. When the length and shape are satisfactory, adjust the height of the nail file and sand the right angles on both sides slightly obliquely.

三、Squoval Nail

With the elegance of oval nails and the advantages of French nails, squoval nails are the ideal nail shape for most people

Buffing method:

  1. First polish the nails to a square nail with a horizontal top, and polish them from both sides to the middle, keep the two sides symmetrical.

  2. Round the right angles on both sides, until the top of the nail appears circular. Squoval nails are characterized by obvious straight lines on both sides, do not grind the corners too round.

四、Round Nail

With rounded front ends and curved lines on both sides, round nails are suitable for those who want to keep short nail, such as men,  no need to worry too much about styling, grind the nails into a circle in a few simple steps. It is also suitable for the type with short and fat nails. After rounding the tip, the nails will look slender.

Buffing method:

  1. Grind the edges of the nails horizontally from both sides to the center.

  2. Grind the corners of the edges into noticeable arcs.


五、Almond Nail

Fashionable almond nails work best with crystal or art nails, and are popular in Central Europe and Asia. But almond nails are not suitable for everyone, it will make nails appear more slender, so if the natural nail shape is too large or too small, or people with thick fingers, it is not suitable for this nail shape.

Buffing method:

  1. Carefully polish both sides of the nails, showing symmetrical shapes on both sides, and getting thinner upward.

  2. Polish the cone from both sides to the center until you get a satisfactory result.

Which nail shape do you prefer?  Let’s try it !




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