2024 Summer Manicure Recommendations

by LiCoscelia

Summer is all about color! Today I bring you sharing 5 of various manicures to make your summer no longer monotonous.
In addition to beautiful outfits, manicures that change with the seasons are also necessary in summer, such as avocado, strawberry red, egg yolk, haze blue, etc. Summer is all about sparkling and colorful, embellished with colors and fruits On the fingertips, let the whole body exude the feeling of summer. Now let’s take a look at what kind of manicure is suitable for summer!

Red is a color suitable for every season and is loved by everyone. This light pink has a lively and cute feel. Use this strawberry red as the main color, and add some cute patterns to make it more lively. Paired with a short manicure, it adds a playful feel. Moreover, nails of this color match well with clothes. They match any style very well. You can’t go wrong with it!

Summer colors are colorful. The blue of the sky, the green of grass, and the pink of flowers can all be applied to nail design. Just like this nail art. A variety of colors and patterns are outlined as if you were in a fairy tale world. Make this manicure full of lively feelings. The long shape of the nail adds a cool atmosphere. It's great nail art for party occasions!

You can't go wrong with a French manicure for any nail recommendation occasion. Base your nude color, create a French outline in black, and trace a simple heart pattern in white. The simple design and just the right amount of white give a cozy and elegant look. The classic color combination of black and white and the classic pattern make this simple manicure uniquely beautiful. This manicure is perfect for pairing with summer dresses for an elegant look!

Nature can provide a lot of design inspiration for nail technicians. For example, during the rainy summer months, lightning often appears in the sky. That's where the inspiration for this nail art design comes from. Deep blue as the night sky cut by lightning. The choice of fluorescent green color accentuates the lightning even more. The combination of the two seems to speak of the unique charm of summer nature.

A highly saturated color palette is also a stylish choice. Many flowers and plants in nature are highly saturated with them and they look bright and beautiful. We can also use this kind of combination in nail art design, just like this nail art fluorescent pink and treasure blue color combination. This nail art is full of personality and passion and is an eye-catching presence on any occasion.

Summer is suitable for vacation season, many people will go abroad or go to the beach to travel, so their hard work in the first half of the year is to rest and recuperate a little. While preparing your travel plans and vacation clothes, don't forget to do a beautiful manicure for yourself. Because a good-looking manicure makes a statement.
Which of these nails above is your favorite? If you are still struggling then you can also check out the nail art style recommendations in other blogs. Let's have colorful nails this summer!





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