2024 Flower Nail Art Recommendations

by LiCoscelia

Flowers have always been something that girls love because they are very colorful, colorful and come in a variety of looks, so it is safe to say that there is no way to find two identical leaves in our world. It is because of these advantages of flowers that they have gained the popularity of many girls who would want to fix their dressing with these beautiful flowers.

Nowadays, not only can you see a lot of flower elements in clothing, but more and more nail art also uses flower embellishments, and with these embellishments, nail art is getting richer and richer. Flower-style nail art has been very hot from before to now, so today here, let's take a look at this flower-style nail art,  let's feel the breath of spring together and experience the infinite charm of nature.

  • 3D Nail Art

When it comes to white color, it makes you feel very noble and elegant, which is most suitable for spring. Translucent color bottoming with white three-dimensional flowers will make you look full of aura, more gentle and fresh. With small pearls beside the flowers, it is more delicate and gorgeous. This kind of nail art is not only suitable for spring but also suitable for wedding nail art. The whole white tone goes well with the white wedding dress. The flowers on the nail and the hand bouquet echo each other, adding a point of beauty.

  • Pink Nail Art

The pink base color and creamy white color create a natural and fresh feeling, gentle and good-looking, full of young girls' hearts. The nude pink color system will not be very exaggerated, low-key at the same time with the popular dried flowers and gold foil gold thread and other elements, youthful vitality, and most importantly, very good with! Usually with all kinds of styles of clothing can easily manage it.

  • Decal Nail Art

This transparent decal nail art is very suitable for newbies to make, with no test of skill hand-painted flowers, and color matching. We only need clear extension gel and flower stickers to complete. Transparent extension adhesive can be very good to create a translucent texture. First, we use the clear extension gel to make the nails the right length, and then the flower stickers. Different ways of collage can create a different sense of space. If it feels a bit monotonous, we can also use magic mirror powder to enrich our nail art. The metallic color embellishment can well enhance the overall visual effect.

  • Dried Flower Nail Art


Flowers fade easily, how do we keep our spring flowers? How about making dried flowers, the beauty of that time and the quiet literary flavor fits the flowers very well. We embellish them on our nails to keep the spring scent lingering around us at all times.


Spring is here and everywhere is full of springtime. In this season of flowers blooming, let's let our fingertips feel the scent of flowers too! I hope you can enjoy these manicures that I am sharing with you today.

In fact, there are many kinds of floral nail art can be made, we can according to different kinds of flowers and colors, with different styles and temperament, such as fresh daisies, romantic roses, sunny sunflowers, elegant lavender, camellia, lovely cactus and so on. The rest of these are waiting for you to try to create.


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