2024 Easter Nail Art Recommendations

by LiCoscelia

There's a lot to love about Easter, from making the perfect Easter basket to spending quality time with family. Regardless of when spring begins, the arrival of Easter marks the end of winter. That means it's time to ditch the winter makeup and we're transforming to spring. So let's take a look at great-looking Easter nails today.

Eggshell Nail Art

We're madly in love with this adorably colorful style. It pops in every detail - from the clashing color palette to the Easter egg-inspired flecks.

Opting for various color combinations suits the Easter egg vibe even better. Next, using eggshell adhesive to embellish some spots gives the manicure even more soul. This manicure subtly incorporates the Easter theme to make it more artistic. And because of the subtle combination, you don't need to change it as soon as the holiday ends.

Blue Nail Art

Get a solid blue manicure. Blue is a versatile color and every season can be represented by a blue color. Bright sky blue can represent spring. When spring arrives, the sky looks cleaner and brighter than usual. So this Easter, why don't we try the sky blue color?

Nude Nail Art

Nude nails are especially perfect for Easter. Round nails coated in nude nail polish gel, give our nails the look of eggs. Very much in keeping with the Easter theme. Of course, we can also add richness to our manicures by layering different colors. For example, nude pink layered with white, or pink layered with mauve. I'm sure any light-color overlay would be good. And nude color is suitable for almost all skin tones, and it will be easy for us to match it with jewelry and clothes.

Bunny Nail Art

Seriously, when can we do this manicure if not Easter? A cute and fun Easter manicure with a bunny motif will make everyone look twice. Paint your nails a sweet bright pink color, leaving one white nail. Draw the bunny's head and ears on that nail with a pointed nail brush or nail art pen. Add some sparkly jewelry if you want to sparkle! If you're doing your nail art at home and find hand painting complicated, you can buy stickers and apply them.

Daisy Nail Art

This beautiful daisy pattern is almost a sign of spring and it will be perfect for Easter and this spring. To paint this pretty pattern, start by applying clear nail polish to your nails. Once it's dry, apply a bit of yellow nail polish to the center of each daisy. Then use a nail brush to draw petals around it, either in white or another color. Paint just a few fingers or each finger with a pretty daisy pattern, it's like painting a garden on your nails. Whatever you end up choosing, don't forget to take a picture of your holiday nails, it's a little bit super appropriate for this Easter.

There is a variety of nail art that fits the Easter theme. This holiday's biggest trends showcase a range of styles, including bright designs, cute pastels, subtle splashes, floral patterns, '70s inspiration, and classic Easter themes. There's bound to be a style you love in so many themes, they may be abstract in design but they are all amazing and fun.


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