5 Back-to-School Nail Designs That Are All About School Spirit

by Ycoscelia

Once you've got her backpack, textbooks, and first day of school outfits all picked out, there's just one thing left: back-to-school nails! Sure, it's not on any back to school shopping lists, but these cute nail styles are perfect for the family that lives to go the extra mile with these sorts of things. We promise, it'll be worth it just to reminisce when looking back at old first day of school pictures.

Whether you're the mother of a student, a teacher, you work at the school, or you're an enthusiastic mom, these nail art ideas will give you the inspiration for a the most festive nails on campus. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a nail art expert, these fun and colorful manicures are super easy to recreate. So grab your favorite fall nail colors and get to painting before the first day of school — because after all, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Pencil Nails
Here's a simple and sweet manicure — with a back to school twist. Opt for a pale polish, and then add a pencil or paper statement nail on your ring finger.
Back to School Essentials
Here's one way to remember everything on your back to school shopping list! Chalkboard, notebook and rule designs reign supreme in this manicure.
Crayon Nails
Everyone's talking about crayon nails! We are 100% hopping on this colorful trend.

Polka Dot Nails

No post-lunch slump here. These bright, rainbow-colored nails are the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up.
Homework-Inspired Nails
Here's one automatic way to get an A+ (we kid, we kid).

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