Poly Gel: The Extension of Your Pink Mood

by LiCoscelia

Beginner guide: the instruction of poly gel step by step





1⃣ Get ready with a spread-out towel, make sure that do all your work on it in order to easily collect the dust and trash and clean your "battlefield".

2⃣ Put all you need be right at your fingertips: file, cutter, nail forms, glue, cuticle pusher, two-side poly gel tool, brush, poly gel within the colors you like, cure light and some other tools or decorations.

3⃣ Wash your hands and apply some hand cream. 

4⃣ Sit down and take a deep breath, tell yourself that it's totally understandable to make some mistakes as a beginner, remember to be patient during the whole work.

Get started:

1⃣ Push back the cuticle of every single nail and scrape off any dead tissue with the point end of the cuticle pusher.

2⃣ file your nail lightly with a nail file until the shine is removed.

3⃣  Remove any oils and bacteria from your nail by using 75%-99% rubbing alcohol or a dehydrator. ( a fragrance-free and alcohol-based disinfectant or a fragrance-free nail polish remover could be the alternative in an emergency, however, the long-lasting result can't be guaranteed)

4⃣ Apply a thin coat of base coat to the entire nail, then cure under the UV light for about 60 seconds.

Poly gel's debut:

1⃣ Take a bead of poly gel out of the tube using the two-sided tool and then put the poly gel inside of the form.

2⃣  Now dip the brush into the slip solution and remember to do this every time you notice that the gel getting started to stick to the brush.

3⃣  Brush the gel inside the nail form, and make sure to cover the sides with gel as well. (warm reminder: make it thinner at the cuticle and thicker at the edge)

4⃣ Put the nail form on your nail and press it lightly, with the wet brush, remove any gel that can be squeezed out at sides, then flip your nail and even out the gel at the bottom.

5⃣ Cure the nail under the UV light for about 60 seconds.

6⃣ Wiggle the nail form slightly or push the sides together until the form comes off.

7⃣ File the edges and cuticle to remove any unevenness.

8⃣ File to your desired shape or look.

The "last mile":

1⃣ Remove the dust by using cloth or a brush

2⃣ Apply top coat and cure under the light for 60 seconds 

3⃣ Wipe your nails with lint-free cloth and alcohol

4⃣ Tell yourself that you have done a perfect job!








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